About Us

Care Futures – Celebrating 74 Years of Social Care!

Home Away From Home

Small Group Living, Large Facilities, Personal Attention and Individual Care

Care Futures consists of five properties split into small groups to support personalised group living for adults and children with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

For over seventy years we have developed the specialty to care for complex and profound health and physical disability needs whilst supporting individual life and social needs.

Care Futures specialist care and support ensures regular contact with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychiatrists, whilst health care needs are reviewed by the GP who visits weekly.

Someone To Care Like You Care

Staff Teams That Really Care

Staff at Care Futures are as much a part of our family as those that live here. We believe that our staff need to be caring and enthusiastic and fully able to deliver very special care and support.

We put great emphasis on recruiting the right people and in supporting them with ongoing training and development to enhance our culture of continuous improvement.

Our quality training covers induction training, training required by law and training to enable staff to meet the needs of particular job roles.

Family Run Care provision

Care Futures traces its routes back to 1950. We are a second generation family owned and run, organisation of registered services. The owners live on site and are always on call, so staff don’t need to wait for decisions. We respond quickly to any need as it arises, from an emergency, to decisions about small purchases that will benefit an individual.

We actively encourage an open door policy for relatives and friends, no need to fit in with visiting hours or to make an appointment — just pop in, share a meal and have some private time with your loved one.

We want relatives to feel involved and welcome and we understand that when you choose to come and live with us, you and your family are investing your trust in our care.

When we meet you for the first time, we’ll ask you what is important to you and we’ll fit your needs and personality to a property and small group where you will feel happiest.

Come and talk to us and see for yourself.